Board of Directors Elections
The Lancaster Chamber of Commerce is lead by 18 Board of Directors. Directors serve a three year term. Each year, six director positions are open. The Chairperson appoints a nominating committee, who presents a slate with a minimum of eight candidates. The slate is approved by the Board of Directors. The next step is to open Nominations by Petition. 

Slate from the Nominating Committee: TBD

Nominations by Petition: Additional names of candidates for Directors can be nominated by petition bearing the genuine signatures of at least twenty-five (25) qualified members of the Chamber. Such petition shall be filed with the nominating committee within ten (10) days after notice of the names of
those nominated has been provided. The determination of the nominating committee as to the legality of the petition(s) shall be final.

Nominations by petition must be submitted no later than March 30, 2018.

​The Lancaster Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors are charged with the responsibility to advise, govern, oversee policy and direction, and assist with the leadership and general promotion of the organization. Directors are elected by the membership and serve a three year term.

Please review the eligibility requirements and expectations for Board members prior to nominating an individual:

*Attendance and participation including but limited to:         
-Annual Planning Conference  (June or July.)           
-Attendance at the Annual Installation Banquet  (June.)           
-Attendance at each regular monthly scheduled Board of Directors meetings.
*Minimum Attendance of 50% of all Chamber sponsored events such as General Membership meetings, Mixers, Business-4-Breakfast, Community Receptions and Ribbon Cuttings.
*Volunteer to work at the semi-annual Flea Markets (first Sundays in May & October.) 
*Active in at least one Chamber Committee.
*Be engaged in the recruitment of new business members and accept responsibilities in member retention.
*Assist in Chamber Fund Raising activities to include the advance sale of event tickets.
*Be an informed representative of the Chamber Board of Directors and be a Positive Influence in the Community.
*Act as a Resource in defining activities and/or problems within the membership and community that need to be brought to the attention of the Board.
*Accept internal committee work upon Chairman of the Board’s appointment for a Chamber committee, an ad hoc committee, or task force.
*Perform other such duties as may be requested from time to time by the Chairman of the Board and/or Board of Directors.